Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Hospital services are horrible in India

Peter Tiller from UK wrote me,
Hospices are establishments that take care of people who have life-threatening illnesses that cannot be cured. People can spend a short time as a resident, or may move into a hospice when it is too difficult to take care of them at home. They are usually small units and have a doctor who leads a team of nurses and other medical professionals.

The hospice that Terry is now in has ten beds. The medical team there is led by a Consultant in palliative care medicine. In the case of someone who is terminally ill, as Terry is, the medical team will do all they can to make the rest of life as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Terry will also be able to talk to people who are trained in supporting the terminally ill who can help them try and cope with the situation.

We hope that this explanation helps.

Rajendra Baid replied from India,
In India, we have hospital by Govt of India. Moreover every state Government build Large Hospitals in each District Town (Numbering more than 650 ) and Sub-division towns (Numbering more than 3000 ). More over Primary Healthcare Hospitals with 10-20 Beds each in each Block ( more than 12000 ) are there. Moreover Different depts of Govt of India and State Govt build hospitals i.e. Railways, Public Sector Undertakings/ Industry , Army, Border Security Force, Air Force, Navy etc build their hospitals. They give treatment to people free of any charge, but medical facilities standards are different. The people with terminally ill stay in the hospitals, till they die. These Hospitals are treated as Hospices.

Indian Govt Hospital system does not provide right to citizens to get free medical treatment, but it is like begging for treatment. The services are horrible for common citizens and poor people.

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