Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Myths and Legends of Tea

There are many interesting myths and legends associated with tea. There are stories about tea being plucked from elephant back and tea being plucked by monkies. When one sees rather short-in-height tea bushes planted in a very orderly fashion, it is hard to understand as to why tea had to be plucked while atop an elephant. The truth is that if left to itself, the tea bush can grow into a tall tea tree. The Tea Research Station at Tocklai, near jorhat, has some very old and very tall tea trees. A visit to the institute can be very interesting affair. Tea plucked by Monkies? Believe it or not.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why Suicide

When we were young, we were not worried. Now I find every boy is in hurry and in tension, in depression. I am unable to see any reason for Suicide, except mental pressure, the competition, and fastlife and easy availabilty of suicide material and circumstances. I am researching and I will make efforts to change the situations, which compell our young generation to go for suicide. If you have any suggestions, send me.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Strong roots eventually yield great success.

The naked eye suggested that the tree wasn't growing, in truth, it definitely was. But the expansion was below ground rather than above ground.

While the other trees were reaching for the sky, this special tree was quietly working on its foundation, ensuring its roots were strong and its base was secure. And once done, it outperformed every tree around it.

Business and life has taught me so many lessons. And so has nature. And one of the best is that leadership takes time. You might think that other people and other organizations are so far ahead of you that you'll never catch up. But please be patient. Tend to your roots. Do exceptionally great work. Build deep relationships. Invent and innovate daily. And Lead Without a Title.

Nature is always fair. And eventually, you will win.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Corruption in India

Corruption in India

It is a fact that the problem of corruption in India has assumed enormous and embarrassing proportions in recent years, although it has been with us for decades. If all the scams of the last five years are added up, they are likely to rival and exceed the British colonial loot of India of about a trillion dollars.

Ms Mayawati who is Chief Minister of the most densely inhabited state, is calmed when an intelligence agency probe is scrapped. The multi-million dollars fodder scam by another former chief minister wielding enormous power is put in cold storage. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chairs over this kind of unparalleled loot.

Investigations into the shadowy financial deals of the Indian cricket league have revealed a web of transactions across tax havens like Switzerland, the Virgin Islands, Mauritius and Cyprus.The name of one Hassan Ali of Pune is mentioned as operating with his wife a one-billion-dollar illegal Swiss account with the sanction of the Indian regime. The former chief minister of Jharkhand, Madhu Koda, who was reported to have funds in various tax havens that were partly used to buy mines in Liberia.

If the Indian Prime Minister knows nothing about these scandals, he is ignorant of ground realities and does not deserve to be Prime Minister. If he does, is he a collaborator in crime?

The day will come when the have-nots will hit the streets. In a way, it seems to have already started with the monstrous acts of the Maoists. The drumbeats for these rebellions are going to get louder and louder as our leaders refuse to listen to the voices of the people. Eventually, it will lead to a revolution that will spill to streets across the whole of India.

Subsidy to rich on Petrol

I wish Mamta Banerjee all the best. But still writers Building is one year away and need hardwork to achieve target. It is sad, that she don't understand economics, otherwise why she is opposing price rise of Petrol, which is used by rich people. If Govt of India is paying subsidy on Petrol. This subsidy is going to rich people, the money of poor and rural people going into the pockets of rich people.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Land Reforms in West Bengal and Left Front

I would like to tell you about Land Reforms by Muslims and British. Land reforms means right to property, cultivation and perpetual ownership, so the Land owner is encouraged to develop the land and get more production and output from Land.But what Left front did was to take away land from Landowners and gave right to agri- labour, called ADHEDAR in Bengal. They were cultivating on developed land of Agriculturists (LAND OWNERS) not as agri-Labour, but on contact basis i.e. a short of partnership with landowners. Now Landowners lost interest (or made to lose interest ) in land, the poor agri-labour has no money to finance Agriculture. Previously Land owners used to finance for land development, seeds, fertilisers and pesticides. Now agri-labour can't find funds for this finance, which is the back bone of agriculture. He fell into the hands of moneylenders, who charged interest from 3 to 5% per month. Nationalised banks were not financing these poor agri-labours.

So with Land reforms of Left, poor agri-labours suffered, most of time in the hands of moneylenders, crop failure, shortage of agri imputs. Our agriculture production also suffered, we have no food security now, per capita availability of food grains came down, resulting in price rise for both urban and rural populations.

Thanks to Left front for their good work for the people of West Bengal.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Verdict against Left

West Bengal Municipality Poll results are a verdict on CPI (M) Party - its modes of functioning and its attitude to power and governance. The Left Parties and the Trinamul Congress ran their campaigns on the assumption that this election was a dress rehearsal for the bigger battle to control Writer's Building in 2011.

The people of West Bengal rejected Left first in Panchayat, then in Loksabha, and now in Municipal bodies. It is a total verdict against Left.