Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ministers without work

This week I was in Delhi. When I am in Delhi, I meet some of my friends, who are Ministers in Govt of India. I met a minister of state and I found his life pathetic.He is Minister of State, Govt of India, a very big designation, but without any work, any responsibility and without any power. Ofcourse he has 600-700 sqft office with a office table, a 8-10 seater sofa set, a dining table with 6 chairs and an attached bathroom in Shastri Bhawan,but you can feel with so many things 600 - 700 sq feet is very small place. He has a 250 sq ft room for his 6-7 assistants, sitting too crowded, very little space to move.

With such a space in a prestigious building, but without work and power is very sad affair for the minister. His senior minister treat him very shabbily.

During week day, he has to come to office and sit in the office, reading newspaper & magazines. I think he is busy with planning for 2011 West Bengal Assembly election. He is Member of Parliament, so his party will not allow him to fight West Bengal Assembly election. He will be required to work for 2011 WB Assembly election. If by chance his party wins 2011 WB Assembly election and form the govt, his 40-50 friends in party will join WEst Bengal Cabinet and enjoy the fruits of power, but he will waste his future in Delhi, doing nothing, without any power, position and prestige.

I felt very sorry for this minister, but this is not the only case of position without power and work. Most of Ministers of State in Govt of India are facing the same fate and passing their time and feeling depressed. Most of these Ministers of State are young, energetic and youthful persons with a zeal to work very hard for their country and their people. This energy is wasted in Indian Parliament, sitting and listening useless speeches of senior MPs or some time shouting with their party MPs in corus.

God save and support these young MInisters.

Rajendra Baid

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