Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to use the Book


The book, specially made for busy people, shall help in successful performance, each day, during the whole year. To ensure success use this book as it is meant. You cannotexpect better results unless you follow the procedure explained.

Prepare each morning, or better still the previous night, a schedule of important things to be done during the course of the day. While preparing the schedule write first things first, as per priority you could think of. Divide your time correctly between different activities to ensure one work at a time. Do not overcrowd your schedule. Have some blank-time for unexpected calls and emergencies.

As soon as the day's work begins tackle these things first, leaving the remaining work to be taken in hand after the more urgent items listed in the schedule have been attended to. Look to your diary frequently during the day, ticking off each item as disposed of. Carry forward the undisposed jobs to the next day.

What to note in the Diary

Note the important among following items in your Diary each day :-

1. Appointments and interviews.
2. Meetings and Conferences.
3. Reports to be submitted.
4. Promises made.
5. Persons to write to.
6. Persons to telephone to.
7. Urgent jobs to attend to.
8. Follow up of jobs/ideas.
9. Ideas and suggestions, from visitors/employees/telephones, that call for action.
10. Flashes of inspiration or brain waves.

Faithfully maintaining Diary will ensure regularity of work and maximum utilisation of available time. In the present day multifarious duties and multitude of engagements one is likely to slip some important items unless he "writes everything down" and follows the progress minutely. Therefore, make full use of Diary by maintaining it as explained above. This will have the added advantage of being retained as a personal record. On many occasions it will act as a crutch for an over-taxed memory about the past transactions, names' and time sequences.

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