Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Advice to Diabetic patients

How to be Happy ?
About the person who already has diabetes?

Modern lifestyle with its emphasis on fast food, fast cars and an undying quest to succeed leads to overeating, lack of exercise and mental stress respectively. All these are associated with impaired function of the human body and are the most commonly cited reasons for the increase in the number of persons with diabetes. Conversely, eating enough, exercising regularly and avoiding stress have been shown to lead to a reduction in the occurrence of diabetes. So doctors all over the world are busy reinforcing the message that a healthy lifestyle is called for in all their patients to protect them against diabetes and heart disease. But what about the person who already has diabetes? What does the future hold in stone for them?

Having diabetes is a fait accompli. Diabetes is a constant companion who remains with us; for better or worse, through thick or thin, which threatens to harm us at every stage and which must be held in check by eternal vigilance. Fortunately we have a strong ally who can keep several of the dangers of diabetes at bay. Insulin is one of the most versatile of the dangers of diabetes at bay. Insulin is one of the most versatile hormones in the human body. Single handedly it influences, carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism; provides nourishment to and helps cells utilize nourishment reduces lipid levels, fights inflammation, strengthens skeletal muscle, improves blood flow, prolongs endurance, preserves tissues and in general improves the quality of life of the person with diabetes.

It is not difficult to understand why insulin is so important for the person with diabetes. After all, what is diabetes but a state where the person has less insulin than they need? As money is the treatment of poverty, so is insulin the treatment of diabetes. To treat poverty money has to be earned and it needs hard work, intelligence, commitment and opportunity. Similarly to treat diabetes insulin must be taken and it needs understanding and insight to accept daily insulin injections as a way of life.

Recent world medical literature reports several pieces of evidence in favour of initiating insulin early for helping persons with diabetes live longer, with fewer complications, and enjoy a better quality of life. Several leading experts have recommended early insulin initiation for better glucose control and in several of the world’s leading diabetes centers insulin is being offered as the first choice to all persons with diabetes.

What then stops insulin from being used more effectively in the management of diabetes? People in general often choose the easy why out – viz. oral tablets rather than injection, compelling their doctors to follow suit. And the situation compounds itself when the same patients return with more severe disease complications. These are not only more difficult to treat, they are more expensive to treat and can never restore the lost function of the affected organ or the patient’s life. Now is the time to break the vicious circle. Insulin therapy has been proven to be of benefit in retarding complications by providing better blood glucose control and doing good to the body far beyond blood glucose control alone. Yes, a few precautions to guard against low blood glucose are necessary, understanding how to be able to adjust the dose is needed and the discomfort of an injection prick has to be endured. But the results are definitely worth it. Ask any doctor.

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